What’s in a name?

Once upon a time I thought that “Molegrip von Mousetrouser” was a really brilliant band name – for when Jeff Moore, Colin Lee and I got together to make a thunderous racket. Then Colin went off the idea and the name reverted to “Angel Beast” – a very good band name!

Jeff calls himself “Moonshine Jeff” and that just left me with “Lizzie” (Ms Mousette being a different sort of persona from my personal past).

Then Stan Tunstall-Otterburn included an image of a “Nuclear Hazard Banjolele” along with the words:

“Warning – Danger of Ukelear Radiation”
as part of a video of me doing the lovely Sheedy Frost song “Heart and Soul” . . . and here we are!

Or at least, for the moment here I am . . .
Liz Panton aka Lizzie

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