Mystic Moonshine – So you want to know what the future holds?

Mystic Moonshine – Ukulele Original – Liz Panton

True story – names and locations changed ever so slightly to protect the guilty!

Very pleased with myself that I managed to write it the morning of 1st January 2013 and then performed it the same afternoon at Strings Attached Folk Club – a good start to the New Year. I didn’t have much time to think about the music though so I just did it in C, F and G that time.

I recorded the uke first and fluffed the second chorus – the chords should be the same as the first chorus, not the same as the last chorus.

Instrument: Kevin Parsons Concert uke with Aquila strings.

Recordings: MacBook Pro using built-in mic.

Garageband tracks:

1) Uke – no special effects.
2) Uke track copied – “warm strings” effect.
3) Vocal track 1 – “Female Basic” effect
4) Vocal track 2 – “Gospel Choir” effect

I recorded my self singing it twice – there are a couple of places where I got the timing slightly wrong.

Songcheet (pdf) created using Songsheet Generator:

Mystic Moonshine Songsheet

Lyrics and chords below – I have not tabbed the picking yet:

{t:Mystic Moonshine}
{st:Liz Panton}
{footer:Created with Songsheet Generator by Liz Panton © Words and music 1st Jan 2013}
[C] [Gm] [C7] [F] [F]
So you [F]want to know what the future holds?
Will you be [C7]dressed in tatters, or wreathed in gold?
[F]Miss your aim, or maybe reach your goal?
[C7]Lose your MoJo, or find your soul? [C7]

[Gm]Mystic Moonshine is the man for you,
He’ll [C]tell you straight and he’ll tell you true,
Just [Gm]spin him your yarn and throw the runes,
He’ll prophe-[C]sy if you’re blessed or if you’re gonn’a be doomed! [C]

{c:VERSE 1:}
He’s [F]not a real shaman, it was [C7]meant to be
Just a [F]sham-act to benefit [C7]charity,
Tom[F]bola, cup cakes, you [C7]know the score,
[F]Fliers in the chippy and [C7]around the doors. [C7]

{c:VERSE 2:}
Well, [F]word spread fast and [C7]far and wide,
[F]Come the day, there was [C7]nowhere to hide,
[F]The cakes all went to the [C7]lengthy queue,
Come to [F]sample Moonshine’s [C7]voo-doo-dee-doo. [C7]
{c: VERSE 3:}
[F]Lady Director flew [C7]up from doon sooth,
Her [F]sister said, “Pet, he’ll [C7]tell you the truth,
[F]Forget Life Coaching and [C7]NLP,
[F]Mystic Moonshine’s at [C7]Walker Library!” [C7]


{c:VERSE 4:}
This [F]lass in a quandry, don’t know [C7]what to do,
[F]Mystic Moonshine does his [C7]voo-doo-dee-doo,
[F]Should she seek her fortune in the [C7]USA?
Well, she’s [F]bought a ticket and she’s [C7]flying today. [C7]

{c:VERSE 5:}
[F]That fella thinks he’s the [C7]rising star,
Won [F]”Tories Got Talent”, talking [C7]out of his arse,
[F]Will he make it on [C7]stage and screen?
Them [F]runes done cursed him as a [C7]might-a-has-been! [C7]

{c:VERSE 6:}
A [F]guy staggers, sobbing, “He’s [C7]changed my life!
Gonn’a [F]ask my chick if she’ll [C7]be my wife!”
The [F]tombola-dudes were [C7]less impressed,
They lost [F]all their trade to the [C7]Moonshine quest. [C7]



He’ll prophe-[Gm]sy if you’re blessed . . . or you’re [C]gonn’a be doomed!

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