Ukelear Radiation – Heart and Soul

Ukelear Radiation . . . what a brilliant stage name / band name – and nobody else seems to be using it . . . so here goes!

Video stills montage from Flash Folk Gathering 4 - Heart and Soul (Liz) plus Ukelear Radiation Warning

Many thanks to Stan Tunstall-Otterburn aka The Durham Ranger aka The Joculator for including this image in his video of me performing “Heart and Soul” by Sheedy Frost at the Fourth Flash Folk Gathering North East:

(Silent 22 second intro)

The other two images that I added are stills from Stan’s video.

I feel I have committed myself to something new now – things like not being too lazy to practice singing –  and also practicing my ukulele playing more systematically (scales have been strongly recommended!) – so I can improve and try to live up this impulsive name-and-persona adoption!

Hey ho!

Enough for now . . . practicing housework and getting general paperwork in order is rather necessary after these fine flights of fancy . . . it is rather frightening what you can get up to with just a computer, access to the internet, $15 and a couple of hours skiving off from the hoovering!


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